#IRC Clients

XChat - freeware GUI client for Linux, Unix, and BSD (recommended)    (md5)
EPIC - Linux, Unix, and BSD console client (recommended)    (md5)
WeeChat - Linux, Unix, and BSD console client
irssi - Linux, Unix, and BSD console client    (md5)
BitchX (2012 revived)- Linux, Unix, and BSD console client    (md5)

Mirc - Windows shareware client (recommended for new users)
XChat (freeware version) for Windows (recommended for new users)    (md5)
irssi - Windows client    (md5)

Colloquy for Mac OS
Snak for Mac

AndChat for Androids
Colloquy for Iphones and IPads
MicroIRC Windows Mobile
WPirc Windows Mobile

ChatZilla - A Firefox/Sea Monkey IRC plugin for all operating systems (Tools -> Add-ons -> Get-Addons, search Chatzilla, click install)
Then you can click on any irc:// type URL, or start ChatZilla from Tools and use /server option (eg: /server irc.auschat.org)
Once ChatZilla is loaded, you can close the normal browser is you so wish.
Alternatively, start firefox (or SeaMonkey) with the -chat option.

* If you have a client you think should be added, let us know!
* We do not have any Mac or Windows mobile or tablet devices, those offerings above are un-tried suggestions. Check your App store.
* Linux users who are not comfortable with building from sources, should check their package repository first.
* There is no ChatZilla type plugin for Chrome, the closest is a mibbit plugin, but we strongly recommend against using mibbit plugin as there are very serious privacy implications, it sends data "back to base" on every URL you visit!