Auschat #IRC
Regain your chat privacy, unlogged - unlike facebook!

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is the original, and still only real multi-user, multi-channel (public and private) chatting system where you can talk to one person, or many people at once (like a conference) from anywhere in the world, all in real time, and without the spam or history and private chat logging, by the likes of facebook.

If you are new to IRC, it's really easy to use, check out the IRC basics

When you're ready, download a suitable client for your operating system or mobile device.

October 2015: Update!
The new Australian meta-data retention laws will come into effect this month.
IRC is not a relevant service, so you'll be pleased to know our position on logging will not change!
We will not be logging connections (except as stated in MOTD relating to any commands sent to services bots) to the servers.

Us... is a small IRC service located in Brisbane, Australia. We provide a quiet and private place to meet and catchup with friends, once connected type /list for existing channels, or create your own simply by joining a non existing channel. Note: private or invisible channels will not appear in a /list

Auschat uses ircu, this is the time tested robust Undernet IRC server software, unlike Web Chatrooms we don't log chats! Under current Australian Laws, we are not required to log connections, so your privacy is assured. The only data we do log are commands sent directly to our services bots - NickServ, X, etc.

In addition to the default IRC port (6667), our server can also be accessed on ports 8888 and 16667
(just in case you have one of those pesky corporate or Uni/TAFE firewalls to get around)

Stuff to remember...

IRC is an un-moderated medium, but it is suitable for use by anyone, and no - you don't need to be a geek!

IRC Opers will not get involved in user arguments over ownership of nicknames or channels, so if you value your IRC nickname and/or channel, register them...

Register Nickname: /msg nickserv help register
Register Channel: /msg X help register

For complete help with services, /msg nickserv help commands and /msg X help commands

Registered users have the ability to increase their privacy by setting mode +x (host masking) to protect their actual hostname or IP address (only IRC Opers will be able see your actual hostname or IP address).

DO NOT EVER give your password to anyone, not even someone claiming to be an IRC Oper/Admin/Helper - just don't do it! We, will never ask!

Auschat takes seriously any threats to our users and resources, as our servers /motd states-

  *** - We don't log any communications except commands to our services bots. 
  *** - We don't object to friendly bots/scripts 
  *** - We wont tolerate war bots, spammers, bigots, or extremist nut jobs. 
  *** - We wont tolerate those who bully, abuse, harass, or threaten others. 
  *** - We wont tolerate those who conduct activities deemed criminal in AU. 

Some limits...

For the most part, we'll allow a couple of connections per host, Education institutions will have a larger number of connecting clients per hostmark because of NAT gateways. Others who need a larger limit should contact an Oper (see below).

Like pretty much all IRC servers, we too limit the overall number of connections based on geographical regions to be fair to all who want to use the server, which might otherwise prevent locals from accessing it.

The IRCU Server software has some inbuilt protections to help prevent abuse, some of these include throttling -
* Your IP can (re)connect only 3 times in 20s, then you'll need to wait 20s before trying again, else you will end up getting connect (throttled) errors. In Mirc, it often reports just as Software Error - dumb, I know!
*You can change your nickname no more than 20 times in 2m, and, can only send 20 private messages in 2m, exceed either of these, and you'll end up getting Target change too fast errors.


If you need to contact an IRC Operator (server admins), type /msg x staff and if an Oper is online that will show you, if no-one is online, or they are, but not responding, and you need to inform us of a matter, leave the IRC Ops a message.

This service is provided as is, we don't ask for or want money to help run the joint, if you are feeling generous and want to show appreciation, please instead donate to your local animal welfare shelter.

Have Fun!